Llewellyn Optics M12 6mm UV Lens

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Apertures: F2.8, F5.6, F11.3

Fused Silica Lens Elements

Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) coated lens elements optimized for 300nm L/4

Transmission: 80% @ 200nm, 87% @ 300nm, 84% @ 400nm

Two Filter 25mm Filter Adapters: One with 25mm x 5mm retaining ring adapter, One with quick change 25mm drop in filters


Top View




Quick Change 25mm Filter Adapter

25mm Filter Adapter Using Screw In Retaining Ring


Quick Change Filter Adapter Ring Installed On Lens

Retaining Ring Filter Adapter Installed On Lens

Using the quick change filter adapter.  First, drop a standard 25mm diameter x 5mm thick unmounted filter into apapter.


Filter sitting in quick change adapter ring.



Screw the quick change adapter onto the lens.  Done!