Safety Masks

We have three types of safety masks

SMDS:    Disposable Surgical Masks - 50 Pack

SMN95:  Disposable KN95 Masks - 2 Pack

SM1W:    Re-Usable Safety Mask with 10 Filters

SW1WF: 10 Pack Replacement Filters for Re-Usable Mask


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Disposable Surgical Masks


Disposable KN95 Masks



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  • Multi-Function Re-Usable Mask where you can change the filter element.
  • Large, Open, Easy Breathing Design
  • Food Grade Stretch Silicon Face Gasket
  • Use Our Replacement Filters or Cut Your Own To Fit
  • Aseptic Packaging.

You can order a 10 pack of replacement filters in our webstore.




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