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UV Floodlight





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  • Cool Running UV LED Light Source
  • 50 Watts or 100 Wattsof Power
  • 85-265 Volt AC Input Power Range
  • Tempered Glass Window
  • Diecast Aluminum Housing

These UV LED floodlights provide a compact, light, long-life solid state UV light source.  Designed to operate for long lengths of time.  With a 85-265 AC volt input range, you can use these lights with any worldwide AC power just by changing the plug.

$718.75 each
XNiteUVFlood50W-365nm: UV Flood Light 50 Watt 365nm
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$603.75 each
XNiteUVFlood50W-380nm: UV Flood Light 50 Watt 380nm
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$488.75 each
XNiteUVFlood50W-395nm: UV Flood Light 50 Watt 395nm
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