UV Explorer

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UVExplorer allows you to view, save and analyze UV video and still images directory to your computer.  The system includes:

  • UV-Only Monochrome USB 2.0 Industrial 5.0 Megapixel Video Camera
  • 160 Watt UV Light Panel for Indoor Illumination 110-120 VAC
  • UV Explorer Software that runs on Windows 64-Bit machines
  • Camera Tripod and Cables


UVExplorer can be used for things such as

  • Viewing skin damage from the sun or other injuries
  • Demonstrating fffects on sunscreen or sunblock
  • Forensics
  • Art Analysis

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Camera on side of light panel



Camera centered in back of light panel (recommended position)



UV Explorer Software Main Screen




Original Image - Face with sunblock under left eye.



Auto Filter A



Auto Filter B



Auto Filter A&B