Zigview R


Zigview SC-V100R








ZIGVIEW - the worlds first ever Digital Angle Finder, makes low and high level photography easy with its unique rotating LCD monitor. ZIGVIEW simply attaches to the eyepiece of your SLR camera where the viewfinder image is captured by a CMOS sensor built into the Zigview and relayed in real time to a 1.9inch TFT colour display for easy viewing at any angle.


Please note that the Zigview is the normal color - NOT IR - product.  We may make an IR version of the Zigview if we get enough requests.




Especially useful for low angle photography where you would struggle to see through the viewfinder especially with macro work or high angle situations such as press work.



ZIGVIEW will work with most digital and film SLR cameras and is supplied with an eyepiece adapter for common Nikon, Fuji and Canon cameras. Other adapters for Knoica Minolta and Pentax are available as accessories







An optional screenshade  is available designed for positioning over the LCD screen which successfully shades the screen from any glare, be it from the sun or artificial lighting, ensuring a clear view of the subject and an accurate preview of the picture. Incorporating self-supporting technology, the hood can be manipulated to whichever position is required and will stay rigidly in place. It is also available with a built-in magnifier, giving the photographer a more detailed view of images.


Building on the success of Seculine's Zigview digital Angle Finder, the Zigview-R incorporates a host of new features including a motion sensor trigger, a sophisticated interval timer and a bulb exposure controller making it the ideal accessory for wildlife, nature and macro photograpy or any situation where a covert or accurately timed approach is required






Digital Angle Finder Convenient real time display of the viewfinder image on Zigviews rotating LCD display


Interface Ports for battery charging of internal battery, manual shutter release and shutter connection port.





  Cable Release
Acts as cable release with two stage shutter release button when Zigview is not fixed to the camera




Bulb Exposure
With your camera set on "bulb" you can set the Zigview-R to expose the subject for a specified bulb duration within the interval timing facility.




Motion Sensor
Groundbreaking facility performs a shutter release when variations in the brightness in 9 areas of the LCD screen indicate movement




Exposures per interval
You can set the Zigview-R to capture several exposures per interval time at minium intervals of 0.5s apart. For instance you could set the timer to take 5 images 1 second apart after an interval of 8 minutes



Interval Timer
Interval timing can be performed with simple settings using number of shots required and the interval between shots, or more details can be specified.




Stopwatch style exposure timer for long exposures


The Zigview SC-V100R comes with


bullet Zigview R Digital Viewfinder
bullet World wide 100V-240 VAC battery charger for internal Zigview Lithium battery
bullet Common shutter release cable
bullet Protective drawstring bag for storing Zigview when not in use
bullet Eye piece adapters C1, PS, N1 and M Adapters
bullet Screws with extras for attaching eye piece adapter to Zigview
bullet High quality Philips and Slotted screwdriver for attaching eye piece adapters to Zigview
bullet Color quick start guide
bullet Detailed Manual



bullet Digital Viewfinder
bullet 2.0 inch color TFT Color LCD Screen
bullet DC Input Power and Charging Port
bullet Shutter Release Port for Remote Release
bullet Charging Indication Light
bullet Navigation Joystick
bullet Eye Piece Adapter Mount\
bullet Manual Shutter Release Button
bullet Power Switch
bullet Digital image processing including Zooming, Panning and Negative 
bullet Interchangeable Eyepiece Adapters allowing attachment to a wide variety of cameras
bullet Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Internal Battery
bullet 360 Degree Eye Rotation around Eye Piece
bullet Interval Shutter Release Mode
bullet Motion Detection with User Definable Areas Shutter Release Mode
bullet Size 58.6 x 30.9 x 78.3 mm
bullet Weight: 73 grams




Optional Accessories

bullet LH2 LCD Screen Shade
bullet N3 Eyepiece Adapter
bullet C2 Eyepiece Adapter
bullet RC01 Common Release Cabke
bullet RC02 Canon Release Cable
bullet RC03 Nikon Release Cable
bullet RC06 Nikon Release Cable type B for Nikon D200
bullet IR01 Nikon IR Cable
bullet IR02 Canon IR Cable




Eyepiece Adapter Table


Please note that the Zigview SC-V100R comes with N1, C1, M and PS adapters

Adapter Brand Digital SLR Film SLR
N1 Nikon D100, D70, D70s, D50 F80D(S), F75, F55, FM10, EM
N1 Fuji S1Pro, S2Pro, S3Pro  
N2 Nikon   FM3A, FM2, FE2, F3, FA, FM, FE, F2
N3 Nikon D2H, D2X, D1, D1H F6, F5, F3, F100, 500N
C1 Canon 300D, 350D, 5D, 20D, 1Ds MK II EOS 66, 888, 100, 500N
C2(0) Canon   EOS 5, 2, 55, Kiss
C2(0) Olympus E300  
P(S) Pentax istD, istDs MZ-3, Z-1P, K1000, LX, ME super
P(S) Sigma SD9, SD10 SA7, SA9
M Minolta Dynax 7D, 5D Dynax 7xi, a-7, 7700i, x300, x700