Camera Lineup

We make quite a few different remote sensing cameras - from point and shoot, smart phone, DLSR and UAV types.  If you have a particular need for a camera not listed in our store, contact us because we may have already converted it.  We carry Canon, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, ProGo, industrial USB C-Mount and DJI cameras as Blue-Green-NIR 680-800nm, Green-Red-NIR 800-900nm and 2-camera 5-band systems.

The  camera that is best suited for you depends on your personal preferences, cost, whether you are using a UAV or fixed wing aircraft, whether you need GPS for geotagging pictures, weight restriction, resolution requirements, UAV integration, etc.  For small UAV's, the Canon point and shoot cameras with the optional firmware that adds timed interval shutter control work well. 

Our new Samsung smart phone based remote sensing camera with our custom app for triggering the cameras is interesting because the app not only gives you timed interval shutter control, but it can take pictures sequentially from the front and rear cameras and records data from a variety of sensors to a separate text file.  Data includes time, date, picture name, GPS coordinates, altitude, direction, ambient light and orientation.

We continue to be the foremost innovators in new types of cameras and conversions.

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Canon ELPH 130 16 Megapixel, No GPS


  • Firmware for timed interval shutter control or USB shutter control
  • Hardwire shutter control

 Canon SX280 12 Megapixel with GPS


  • Firmware for timed interval shutter control or USB shutter control
  • Hardwire shutter control

ProGo 12 megapixel camera

  • Small and light
  • Integrated timed interval shutter control


Smart Phone

  • Custom App for timed interval shutter control, pausing camera on banking, recording information from sensors to a separate text file
  • GPS
  • Can record from front and rear cameras sequentially
  • Records ambient light from above UAV for post processing correction
  • Records time, date, GPS, altitude, compass direction, picture names and ambient light for each picture taken
  • Can be used as a phone with a SIM card, but phone service is not required to use.


Zenmuse X3 with active electronic gimbals.  Fits on a DJI inspire UAV.


Sony A6000

  • 24 Megapixel
  • Small and light
  • Optional hardware shutter control


Industrial USB C-Mount camera for saving images directly to a PC in real time with a 15 HZ continuous rate.




Canon 5D MK III / Canon 6D/ Canon T6i/ Nikon D800 / Nikon D7200

Various DSLR models typically flown in fixed wing aircraft that can fly the heavier, high pixel count and high shutter actuation cameras.

Sony QX1 and QX10

Small and light with optional hardwire shutter control