Visible Inks

We have a variety of specialty black visible inks including:

  • Magnetic Ink
  • Plastic and Polyethylene Ink - Suitable for marking items such as CD's, plastic, polyethylene, wood and paper
  • Child Safe Ink - Made entirely from FDA approved ingredients.  Doesn't taste good, but it won't harm you either.
  • Indelible Ink - Cannot be washed out.  Will marks clothes permanently.
  • Wash-Out Ink - Can be removed by washing

You can view these items in our online store by clicking here.

Our magnetic ink is available in writing pens and 1/4 ounce bottles.  The ink has 11% ferrous oxides in an oil type base.  The magnetic ink pens writes in a dark brown.  Presence of the magnetic ink can be verified by our CKMag1 magnetic checker.

The CKMag1 magnetic checker can also be used to verify magnetic ink and magnetic thread  that is used on US currency as a counterfeit protection measure.  The unit works by pressing a  button and swiping unit across the bill or page.  Presence of magnetic ink is verified by illumination of a green LED on the unit. This unit also  has magnetic security thread detector.


Magnetic ink can be used to securely mark items.  Ink should be tested on item first.  The ink is oil based and may penetrate through some paper.  Ink is meant for use on absorbent surfaces.  On non-porous surfaces, ink will tend to smear.