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Lawn Care 2

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More examples of analyzing lawns, turf and other plants with the XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI vegetation stress camera.  These pictures show the normal visible picture followed by the processed picture with out special NDVI camera. 


Images were processed with free software program ImageJ and our custom macro aNDVI8_MKII macro.  We have since phased out using ImageJ in favor of a much faster and easier to use software RSE.  We provide a discounted price of RSE to all of our remote sensing customers.  All images were processed with the same macro with the same settings.  All images shot the same day between 4:30 and 5:00 PM EST on a sunny day in Northern New Jersey, USA.  These images were taken in the early days of spring where the grass mostly green while the leaves have not budded on the trees..  


Brief Explanation: Plants typically absorb visible blue and visible red light while reflecting green and Near Infrared (NIR) light.  The reason we see a plant as green is because it is reflecting the green light to our eyes.  Plants also reflect the NIR light because the infrared light doesn't have enough energy to support photosynthesis.  Healthy plants reflect green and NIR while absorbing blue and red light.  As plants become sick, they don't reflect green and NIR as well.  There is a mathematical algorithm (ENDVI) we have developed that works in conjunction with a special camera we designed that captures both visible and infrared bands of light.  By processing the picture with our ENDVI algorithm, you get a new picture that shows where plants are happy and where they are not.


Stressed Lawn


Normal Picture





XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI camera after processing.


Lots of stressed areas.






Very unhealthy Lawn:


Normal Picture





XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI camera after processing.


This lawn is in very bad shape.




Moderately stressed lawn.  


Grass looks mostly green in the normal picture



XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI camera after processing. 


Lawn looks decent, but various areas of lawn show moderate stress. 




Significant Stress Spots


Normal Picture





XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI camera after processing.


Various areas of lawn show severe stress.  




Mostly Healthy Lawn 


Normal Picture





XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI camera after processing.


Lawn is in good condition with few problem areas.  Lawn shows mostly green and yellow indicating good condition.  If lawn were in excellent condition it would be a deeper green with no yellow.