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385nm and 405nm Ultraviolet Lights

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Our custom manufactured 5 LED flashlights are the highest quality, 5 LED lights that we have ever seen.  Manufacturing starts from a solid piece of aluminum which is CNC machined to form the housing and cap.  Wall thickness is 0.150 thick solid which is over 3 times thicker and stronger than a comparable Maglite.  The LED are connected to a Voltage Stabilization Circuit (VSC) which maintains optimum brightness as batteries wear out.  The LED and circuit board are press fit into the housing front and then sealed with epoxy to water proof and protect unit.  The rear cap and switch screw onto the back of the housing with an O-ring seal to protect against water leakage.  A sealed rubber switch in the battery cap turns the unit On / Off.  The LED's are selected from the brightest ones available for each particular color.









bullet CNC machined from solid aluminum with 0.150 thick walls
bullet Voltage Stabilization Circuit (VSC) maintains constant voltage to LED's as batteries deteriorate.  This ensures constant brightness.
bullet LED and circuit board sealed with epoxy to protect unit from water damage
bullet Sealed rubber rear switch
bullet O-Ring sealed, screw down rear battery cap
bullet Uses 2-AA alkaline batteries


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Some invisible inks, such as our invisible blue, will fluoresce from 350nm to 410nm allowing you to use our lower cost 405nm light.  Other inks, such as our invisible red (UVXPBR), will fluoresce faintly at 405nm but strongly at 385nm or lower.  The 385nm and lower lights will fluoresce a greater range of materials.


Model Type Wavelength Beam Angle Output Power
5LED385 Ultraviolet 385nm 15 4.0 mW
5LED405 Ultraviolet 405nm 20 4,000 mcd