Pro IR Illuminators

 Pro IR Illuminators



LIR850-25: 150 Meter 850nm 25 Degree Beam
LIR850-70: 60 Meter 850nm 70 Degree Beam
LIR940-25: 80 Meter 940nm 25 Degree Beam
LIR940-70: 45 Meter 940nm 70 Degree Beam
Flood-810nm-30Wt: Floodlight 810nm





  • IP66 aluminum professional housing
  • High efficiency heat evaporating structure
  • Built-in 147 PCs high power infrared LED's
  • Special design circuit to prolong LED’s life span
  • IR effective degrees: 25° or 70°
  • IR effective distance: Up to 150M(outdoor)
  • Dual power input: AC24V; DC12V
  • AC 100-240V to DC12V power supply included



We have 850nm and 940nm variations of our Pro Series IR illuminators.  The 850nm will emit a very faint red glow while the 940nm will not.  However, the 940nm LED's have about 1/2 the power and IR sensitive cameras are not as sensitive at 940nm.  If you absolutely need a covert light source, then you should use a 940nm unit, but a 850nm unit will give better illumination.

The lights are also available with either 25 degree  or 70 degree beams.  A 25 degree beam is a more focused spotlight beam while the 70 degree beam is an IR floodlight.  The spotlight beams will shine farther while the floodlights will illuminate a large area directly in front of the unit.



 Product Specifications

 Flood-810nm-30Wt: Floodlight 810nm 30 Watt

  • 810nm Infrared Wavelength
  • IP66 Sealed
  • 100-260 VAC Integrated Internal Switching Power Supply
  • Power Cord Not Included.  USA termination is optional
  • Beam Angle 160 Degrees


The Flood-810nm-30Wt floodlight is a unit custom made for us with 810nm IR LED's.  Typically, IR illuminators and cameras with IR illuminators use 850nm IR LED's.  The human eye can see some infrared though not very well which is why if you look at a security camera at night that has an IR light source, you can see a dim red glow.  The human eye will see this illuminator more, but only if you are looking directly into it.  The eye won't be able to see infrared reflecting off an object. Since camera sensors have peak sensitivity around 550nm, an infrared sensitive camera will see this illuminator better than an 850nm illuminator.





$431.25 each LIR850-25: Professional 150 Meter Long Range 850nm 25 Deg Beam Add to cart
$431.25 each LIR850-70: Professional 60 Meter Long Range 850nm 70 Deg Beam Add to cart
$431.25 each LIR940-25: Professional 80 Meter Long Range 940nm 25 Deg Beam Add to cart
$431.25 each LIR940-70: Professional 45 Meter Long Range 940nm 70 Deg Beam Add to cart
$546.25 each Flood-810nm-30Wt: Floodlight 810nm 30 Watt Choose options

We have the 850nm 25 degree version also available with a professional Color IR camera mounted inside.