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Model: XNiteFlashBFLUV


High Powered (35W/50W) / High Efficiency Ultraviolet High Intensity Discharge (HID) Light

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The highest powered ultraviolet handheld light available.  For exceptional use for mineral collectors, prospecting, rodent detection, forensics, scorpion hunting and any activity needing a high powered UV light.  Easy to carry, lightweight, long run time and quite durable.  We also have the light available as a visible HID flashlight




bullet 350nm to 400nm transmission in the Longwave UV
bullet Parabolic focusing reflector for illuminating fluorescent objects at great distances
bullet 15 Degree beam spread
bullet 6.6 Amp Hour 16.8V Lithium Ion lightweight battery
bullet 35 Watt normal and 50 Watt with boost powered HID bulb
bullet Battery charge status check display
bullet 3 Hour Run Time
bullet 4 to 6 Hour charging time
bullet 3.9 lbs / 1.75 KG weight with battery installed
bullet Rubberized housing withstands a 5 foot drop
bullet Over 2,200 hour lamp life
bullet Integrated metal rings for strap attachment



bullet High powered and lightweight Ultraviolet light source
bullet Balanced front and rear for easy hand holding
bullet Removable battery can be swapped quickly
bullet Battery level can be easily checked by pressing a button on handle
bullet Power of light can be temporarily boosted from 35W to 50W by pressing button on handle
bullet Metal carrying case included
bullet Worldwide 100-240V charger included
bullet HID bulb runs much cooler and much more efficiently than a comparable incandescent bulb





Well balanced for easy hand holding





Metal storage case included with pockets for light and charger





Switch detail.  The XNiteFlashBFLUV has two buttons.  


  1. The bottom button is the power switch
  2. The top button functions as the battery check switch when units is off and the boost switch when unit is on.





Battery check switch pressed with unit off shows charged battery.





Unit on in 35W normal mode power button lights up.





Unit on with 50W boost mode activated





Battery quickly removes from light





Worldwide switching battery charger included.





XNiteFlashBFLUV spectral power output.  Note that almost all energy is in the 350nm to 400nm longwave UV region.