Other Solutions

 LDP is the only company in the world capable of removing the Color Filter Array (CFA) from the surface of a color camera sensor.  The CFA blocks most of the UV light, so unless, you can remove the CFA, the camera will see very little UV.  Companies that sells a UV capable camera that has been converted from a normal color version will have very poor UV sensitivity because they do not know how to remove the CFA.  If you start with a monochrome camera, and if the sensor does not have microlenses or the IR Cut Filter (ICF), the camera should be able to see UV.

When Fuji sold the Fuji S3 Pro UV/IR and IS Pro cameras, they originally marketed them as seeing to 280nnm because they were using Schott WG280 glass to replace the stock ICF/AA.  In fact, Fuji contacted us about performing these modifications for them before deciding to do the modification in house.  Their cameras were direct copies of our UV-VIS-IR conversions for the S3 Pro and the Fuji S9000 / S9100.  Eventually, someone pointed out that just because they were using 280nm glass in front of their sensor that it didn't mean the sensor could actually see to 280nm.  Unfortunately, Fuji Japan wouldn't provide Fuji USA with the spectral transmission curves, so Fuji USA couldn't really say what the UV response of the camera was.  They changed their marketing to reflect that the cameras were UV capable without ever specifying exactly what the cameras could see in the UV..  Fuji has since withdrawn these cameras from the market.  Because their cameras still had the CFA on the sensor, the cameras actually had very poor UV sensitivity.

In addition to LDP being able to remove the CFA from camera sensors, we also have the ability to measure the spectral response of cameras.  None of the big camera manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon and Sony release the spectral response curves for the consumer cameras.  If you are in the market for a UV sensitive camera, it is important to know just what sort of sensitivity the camera has!



Sony's UV sensitive video camera module