LDP has entered into an exclusive agreement with Haak Electronik to distribute their radiation monitors in the USA. Haak Electronik is a German / Russian company that makes one of the preeminent portable radiation monitors.

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Model: XNiteSMG2


 The XNiteSMG2 has an outstanding list of features including:

  • Ultra-long life battery can power device to monitor radiation up to 450 hours continuously
  • Radiation data automatically stored in non-volatile memory up to 2 years
  • Radiation data can be transferred to a PC via supplied USB cable
  • Constant radiation monitoring.  If radiation exceeds a present limit, unit will automatically sound an alarm
  • Large 2.0 inch color LED screen with 240 x 320 resolution
  • Multilingual interface including English, Italian, French, Russian and German
  • Monitors Gamma, Beta and X-Ray radiation

The XNiteSMG2 is designed to assess the level of background radiation, as well as detection of objects contaminated by Radioactive elements.

The Radiation Detector estimates the Background Radiation by measuring the magnitude of ionizing radiation power (gamma-radiation and flow of beta-particles), as well as X-Rays.

The Dosimeter continuously collects information about the radiation received and stores it in non-volatile memory. Later, this information can be viewed on the instrument itself and on the computer, using micro-USB cable and specialized software for this. Based on this data we can estimate the dose of radiation received by the user for the last hour, day, etc.

Radiation Monitor:

It is a high-quality, stable, compact device having nice and convenient casing resembling a mobile phone, which has been specially designed in accordance with all the requirements of International Standards. Radiation Detector is a modern multifunctional household device designated for assessment of an ambient beta-, gamma- dose radiation equivalent rate (of food stuff, construction materials, earth) by people in domestic conditions. This appliance can also be used by personnel dealing with ionizing radiation sources. (doctors, miners, pilots, etc.)

Taking into account various needs of our customers, SMG 2 dosimeter features wide range of customized settings.

The Device Features:

  • Multilingual Interface: English, Russian, German, French and Italian with possibility to extend further.
  • Constant Environmental Radiation Monitoring; all data are automatically stored for the period from one hour to two years, including storage in energy-saving mode (data can be viewed at any time in the form of a chart or a table on device or PC display).
  • Generate and view reports on the device.
  • Direct data transfer to PC via micro-USB cable (all data can be printed out).
  • Ambient temperature is measured automatically and displayed on the screen.
  • Data and time in the menu can be adjusted individually.
  • Hazards are revealed with the help of a chart on the screen (which simplifies the search).
  • The average background radiation is defined automatically with possibility to select readings for one month or one day, and is visualized.
  • Adjustable alarm value of audible/graphical alarm (also possible in energy-saving mode).
  • Large, 2.0-inch color LED-display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution.

The main screen:

The Main Screen displays the measured radiation, a message concerning the dose of radiation received within the last day or the last hour. At the top of the screen there is an indication of ambient temperature, operation mode, the buzzer (on or off, flight mode), and connection of USB-cable, battery status and the current time. The interactive diagram of the radiation situation is located over the indication of the current background radiation. Under it there is a scale of the measurement in grams of the main screens. There are six of them: main screen configuration screen, device information screen and graphical display of accumulated radiation screen. The orange color of the icon indicates that the screen is currently active. The device has an intuitive interface. However we recommend reading the instructions carefully. To navigate through the screens, please press the joystick to left or right . By pressing the joystick up or down in the main  menu, the user can select the desired information - the average per day or per hour. If the alarm sounds pressing the joystick will temporarily stop the alarm.

Having selected the Report Screen the user can generate data on the average or cumulative dose for the selected date of measurement. Information is available for a day, a month, a year. The report is generated by the command "form".

Having selected the Graphic Report Screen the user may generate data on the average or cumulative dose for the selected measurement date in the form of a graph. Information is available for a day or a month. Days are on the horizontal axis, the value of background radiation is on the vertical axis.


Technical specifications


Scale range ambient dose rate equivalent

0,01 – 999 µSv/h

Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where P-is a dose rate in µSv/h


Range of registered X-rays energy

0,03 - 3,0 MeV±25%

Range of registered beta rays energy

0,25 - 3,5 MeV±25%

Time of calculation

20, 40, 60 seconds


Li-ion Akku 3.7V


Length 111 mm x width 46 mm x height 19 mm

Airplane mode


Data transfer to PC


Run time

not less than 450 h with display backlit off

Allowable temperature range

-10°C + 50°C


2,0 inch. TFT Color


English, German, French, Russian,Italian

Number of stored measurement points

17520 (average value per one hour, within 2 years)

Ray detector


Gas Filling

Ne + Br2 + Ar

Cathode Material

Stainless Steel, 50 mkm

Operating Temperature Range 0C

-60 to +70

Areal Density (mg/cm2)


Thickness (mm)


Minimum Anode Resistor (meg ohm)


Recommended Anode Resistor (meg ohm)


Recommended Operating Voltage (volts)


Operating Voltage Range (volts)

350 - 475

Initial voltage (volts)

260 - 320

Plateau length (volts)

at least 100

Maximum Plateau Slope (%/100 volts)


Minimum Dead Time (at U=400V, micro sec)


Working range (mkR/s)

0.004 - 40

Working range (mR/h)

0.014 - 144

Gamma Sensitivity Ra226 (cps/mR/hr)


Gamma Sensitivity Co60 (cps/mR/hr)