Most of our products are related to photonics and light technology in some way.  Many of the products are used in multiple industries.  For example, one of our converted UV-VIS-IR cameras might be used for science, fine arts, forensics, astronomy, remote sensing and more.  We have hundreds of different optical products which can be used in many different ways.

Forensics is a wide field, but here are some examples of using our products in this field

  • A UV-Only monochrome camera to see hidden bruises or skin damage
  • An IR camera to detect traces of gunpowder on clothing
  • Various camera filters to isolate particular wavelengths of interest
  • Various light sources to detect or fluoresce certain substances
  • Various colored safety glasses to allow the user to see particular materials
  • Various fluorescent materials to image fingerprints on hard to read surfaces
  • Inks and dyes to trace, stain or mark materials in a particular way
  • Latent Fingerprint Dusting Brushes