UV 4 Watt


UV 4 Watt Series Flashlights





Our 4 Watt series UV lights have a front Krypton bulb that functions as a normal flashlight. The side bulb can be either a 254nm or 365nm light.  254nm lights are considered Germicidal as they kill microorganisms.  254nm light also has many other purposes in science and industry.  The 365nm option is the frequency of typical Black Lights that cause typical fluorescent paints, powders and objects to glow or fluoresce.


4 Watt UV Flashlight Versions:


bullet FlashUV5 - 254nm Unfiltered - Window cut out in side for improved UV transmission
bullet FlashUV6 - 365nm Filtered - This is your normal blacklight
bullet FlashUV7 - 254nm Filtered - Special UV filter removes almost all visible light
bullet FlashUV8 - 365nm Filtered Suction Cup - Includes suction cup mounts on front


The 4 Watt series lights are durable, handheld useful lights.


FlashUV5                        FlashUV7                         FlashUV8