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Dual Cam

Model: XNiteUSBDual4MP-VIS-IR

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2 x 2 Megapixel 1920 x 1080 Camera

2 Megapixel Visible Light Camera

2 Megapixel Infrared (IR) Light Camera with 850nm +/- 10nm Bandpass Filter

850nm IR LED Illuminators

2 USB Connections.  One for each camera.

Housing and Mounting Bracket.

M12 3.6mm Lens 70 Degree No Distortion Lens

Other M12 Lenses May Be Used

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Wince Compatible


The XNiteDualCam provides the user with two separate cameras seeing in different wavelengths in one convenient small package.  With a built-in IR illuminator, the IR side can see in the absence of IR light up to 10 feet.  Since the camera is setup as two separate cameras, there are two USB cables that can be connected to one or two computers.  When connecting to one computer, each camera shows up as a separate video device, USBCamera0 and USBCamera1.  The IR side has an 850nm +/- 10nm bandpass filter that will reject other infrared, visible and UV light which improves the camera IR response that matches its IR illuminator. 

The cameras appear to the computer as two video devices (when both connected to one computer) similar to webcams.  Any software that can display a webcam image should also be able to see this camera.  We can provide inexpensive single camera Windows capture software (video and stills) or we have custom software that can display both images at the same time.

Software has the ability to control camera brightness, contrast, exposure, gamma, white balance, etc, but that also depends on the software you are using to capture images and video.  The camera will work with many smartphones but you may need an OTG cable and most smartphone software can only display images from one of the cameras at a time.  To see both cameras at the same time, you will probably need to use our own Windows custom software.

We have a variety of different M12 lenses that can be installed as well as various filter options.








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OV2710 x 2

Sensor Size

1/2.7 inch x 2

Pixel Size

3μm x 3μm

image area

5856 μm x 3276 μm x 2

Max. Resolution

FULL HD 1920(H)X1080(V) x 2

Compression format


Resolution & frame

320X240  QVGA  MJPEG @30fps/  352X288 CIF  MJPEG @30fps

640X480  VGA  MJPEG@30fps/   800X600 SVGA  MJPEG@30fps

1024X768  XGA  MJPEG@30fps/  1280X720  HD   MJPEG@30fps

1280X1024  SXGA MJPEG@30fps/  1920X1080 FHD  MJPEG@30fps

Special function

Lens correction/ Defective pixel correction/ Black sun cancellation

Mini illumination

0. 05lux

Shutter Type

Electronic rolling shutter / Frame exposure

USB protocol


Connecting Port type

USB2.0 High Speed

OTG protocol


Free Drive Protocol

USB Video Class(UVC)







Adjustable parameters

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpness, Gamma,
White balance, Backlight Contrast, Exposure

Lens Parameter

Standard 3.6 mm, optional/2.5/2.8/3.6/6mm/FOV(D)187 Degree/170 Degree

Night vision

Support, need to equipped IR sensor 850nm or 940nm lens and IR LED Board

LED board power connector

Support  2P-2.0mm socket

Power supply

USB BUS POWER  4P-2.0mm socket

Power supply


Operating Voltage


Working current


Working temperature


Board size /Weight

38X38mm(Compatible 32X32mm)/ about 30g


Standard  1M / optional 2M,3M,5M

Operating system request


Linux with UVC(above linux-2.6.26)

MAC-OS X 10.4.8 or later

Wince with UVC

Android 4.0 or above with UVC