Trail / Hunting Camera

XNiteE1: 5 Megapixel Programmable Trail / Hunting Camera For Outdoor, Unattended Use

  • Runs for Long Periods on Batteries
  • Intelligent PIR Triggered Motion Detection
  • Takes Videos and Still Pictures
  • Infrared Illuminators for Night Time Use
  • Ruggedized, Weatherproof Enclosure

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  • 5 Megapixel HD Color Camera for Stills and Video
  • 0.005 Lux Sensitivity with IR LED's Off
  • 1920- x 1080P / 30 Hz Video with Audio
  • 1-5 Burst Picture Mode
  • Less than 1 Second Trigger Time
  • 2.0 Inch Display Screen
  • 3 PIR Heat Sensors for Triggering
  • Automatic IR illuminators for Night Time
  • IR Illuminator Distance 25 Meter / 82 Feet
  • Laser Setup Pointer for Aiming
  • Automatic Infrared Cut Filter
  • User Programmable Date, Time and Moon Phase for Picture Taking
  • Timed Interval Shooting Mode
  • Up to 8 Months Standy Time on Batteries
  • Tripod or Strap Mounting Options
  • -30 DegC to +70 DegC / -22 to +158 DegF Opertaing Temperature
  • Hardwire Power Port Option
  • Lockable Control Panel
  • Weatherproof Design


This rugged camera is designed to be mounted and left outdoors for long periods of time.  Depending on the number of pictures it takes, it can run for up to 8 months in standby.  The camera can be programmed in a variety of ways including date or time of day to take pictures, taking pictures depending on moon phase, taking stills, videos or both, number of burst shots when triggered, time lapse recording and more.  With the camera's infrared illuminators, it can take a picture up to 25 meters / 82 feet in complete darkness.  User can set camera name and password protect the setup configuration.  The three PIR heat sensors allow it to be triggered from the front or either side of the camera.

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Camera uses 12 pcs of AA batteries.

Laser Aiming Pointer Turned On

Back of camera has gripping spikes, tripod mount and can be strap mounted.

Hardwire Power Port can be opened if desired