USB3 Industrial

This camera is available as:

  • RGB Color
  • Monochrome
  • Monochrome with Hyperspectral Linear Variable Filter
  • Monochrome with Multispectral 5-Band Filter
  • Vegetation Remote Sensing - Blue-Green-NIR 680-800nm
  • Vegetation Remote Sensing - Green-Red-NIR 800-900nm

USB 3.0 Higher Performance Industrial 25 Megapixel Camera

23 x 23mm Sensor

5120 x 5120 pixels

Global Shutter @ 15 FPS

The C5180 features the On Semiconductor Python NOIP1xx025KA CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 5120 x 5120 in an APS-H optical format. The GenICam compliant camera delivers up to 15 frames per second in global shutter mode using the USB3 Vision (U3V) standard interface. CMOS technology eliminates smear columns from areas of ultra-bright intensity and specular reflections in uncontrolled lighting applications. The Imperx Cheetah line provides excellent image quality with Imperx proprietary processing. In addition, Imperx puts you in control and gives you full access to raw data without corrections. Using the simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface, you can quickly apply or remove image corrections. Flexibility and image quality make the C5180 suitable for a broad range of diverse and demanding applications. Imperx can help optimize the camera to your exacting requirements

Interfaces available USB3 Vision (U3V)
Resolution 5120 x 5120
Sensor Python NOIP1xx025KA, CMOS Color/Mono/
ENIR Sensor Format
23 mm (H) x 23 mm (V) 32.5 mm diagonal
APS-H optical format
Pixel Size 4.5 μm
NIR Sensitivity Mono: 850nm: 18%, 950nm: 6%
ENIR: 850nm: 30%, 950nm: 11%
Shutter Global shutter (GS)
Fixed Pattern Noise <0.9 LSB
Digitization 10 bit
Frame Rate 11 fps (10 bit), 15 fps (8 bit)
Pixel Clock 32MHz to 360MHz
Dynamic Range 59 dB
Row Overhead Time (ROT) Zero
Bit Depth 8, 10 bit
Analog Gain Control 1x, 1.26x, 1.87x, 3.17x
Digital Gain 1x (0dB) to 15.9 (24 dB) with a precision of 0.001x. (AGC available)
White Balance Manual, auto, off
Shutter Speed1 μs/step, 40 μs to 1.0 sec
Exposure Control Off, internal, external. (AEC available)
Regions of Interest (ROI)1 ROI
Averaging Decimation 1 x 2, 2 x 1, 2 x 2
Sub-sampling Decimation 1 x 2, 2 x 1, 2 x 2
Trigger Inputs External, pulse generator, software
Trigger Options Edge, debounce
Trigger Modes Internal, external, software
External Inputs/Outputs2 IN (OPTO, LVTTL) / 2 OUT (OPTO, TTL)
Strobe Output 2 strobes, programmable position and duration
Pulse Generator Yes, programmable
Image Enhancement Two LUTs: 1 LUT pre-programmed with Gamma 0.45
Data Corrections Defective/hot pixel correction (static, dynamic) flat field correction, fixed pattern noise
Lens Mount F-Mount (Default), M42, EF Canon (passive or active)
Supply Voltage Range 12VDC (5V – 30V) 1.5A inrush without enabled
Canon controller 12VDC (6.5V – 30V) 1.5A inrush with enabled
Canon controller Camera
Current Typical: 0.51A, Maximum: 0.65A
Size - Width/Height/Length 72.0mm (W) x 72.0mm (H) x 34.7mm (L)
Weight 370g
Environmental -40°C to +85°C Operating, -50°C to +90°C
Storage Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
MTBF >323,000 hours @ 40°C (Telcordia SR-332)
Military Standard MIL-STD-810F
Regulatory FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, RoHs
Lens Mounts: Nikon F-Mount, M42, Canon EF
Power Supply Not Included.  Uses P/N PS12V04A

Programmable strobes

Selectable trigger sources

Sub-sampling / Pixel Averaging

Analog and Digital Gain Controls

Built-in pulse generator

Temperature monitor

Auto-white balance

Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction, Flat field correction

Two 12-bit look-up tables (LUT), one LUT preprogrammed with gamma 0.45

Field upgradeable firmware

The C5180 incorporates a number of unique features tailored to reduce system complexity, maximize interface bandwidth, and
expand the usable operational range.
Aerospace ● Satellites ● Surveillance ● Military and Non-Military Ground Vehicles ● Ball Grid Array ● Printed Circuit Board
Inspection ● Motion Analysis ● Broadcast Television ● Telepresence ● Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ● Machine Vision ●
Reconnaissance ● Aerospace ● Intelligent Traffic Systems ● Aerial Imaging ● Open Road Tolling Systems ● Situational Awareness