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LED Penlight

This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

LED Keychain LED Sub-Mini LED Penlight Precision LED TwinTask 5 LED Flashlight 16 LED Flashlight FlashSTG 2 Million Candles HID Handheld 10 Million Candles

SL Blue Spectrum

The Ultra-Bright Green and Ultra-Bright Blue are great for preserving night vision.  You can easily see instruments, objects, gauges and people while the light is much less noticeable than from a normal flashlight.


New Flexlight Reach version available!  The Flexlight version has a flexible stalk that can be bent to help position the light.  Very useful for those difficult areas like inside vents, holes, pistons and other small locations.  A must for every toolkit.

The Flexlight is available with a white LED..

The LED lights are USA made from aircraft quality heat treated aluminum.  They are water resistant rubber O-Ring sealed at the openings.  You can push a button on the top for momentary on or twist the top for continuous on.  We have never seen any single LED that is as powerful as these.

LED's are more efficient than bulbs, have a much longer life and are much more durable.

LED Case Features:


Machined Air-Craft Quality Heat Treated Aluminum


Black Anodized Finish


Water resistant.  Sealed with O-Rings


Pocket Clip


Each case has a unique serial number imprinted by laser


Case Switch: Momentary push button and twist for Continuous-On


Highly Durable.


Battery Requirement: 3 AAAA alkaline


Alkaline Batteries Included


LED Colors (Wavelengths) Available

bulletBlue - 470nm
bulletGreen - 540nm
bulletOrange - 580nm
bulletRed - 630nm (good for preserving night vision)
bulletUltraviolet - 380nm
bulletInfrared - 880nm


Visible Light LED Flashlights

Example pictures showing the Ultra-High output of the visible LED flashlights.

Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Infrared, Ultraviolet  and White Ultra High Brightness LED Flashlights.


470nm Ultra-High Brightness Blue LED Flashlight


540nm Ultra-High Brightness Green LED Flashlight


Full Spectrum Ultra-High Brightness White LED Flashlight

Replacement Batteries

These flashlights use three AAAA batteries.  If you need replacement batteries, you can order them on our flashlight order page.




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Last modified: June 18, 2015