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LED Keychain

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LED Keychain
LED Sub-Mini LED Penlight Precision LED TwinTask 5 LED Flashlight 16 LED Flashlight FlashSTG 2 Million Candles HID Handheld 10 Million Candles



These LED Key chain lights are terrific, very bright, inexpensive lights that really impressive little lights.  They are lightweight, rugged, water resistant and, best of all, very, very bright.

The LED lights come in various colors with matching coordinated cases


bulletEmerald Green
bulletDiamond White
bulletTopaz Yellow
bulletRuby Red
bulletSapphire Blue


bulletPractically unbreakable LED light
bulletIncluded Lithium battery with 10 year shelf life
bulletBurn time of over 10 hours
bulletLatch on key chain
bulletLightweight and small

Some Applications

bulletHandy, key chain light for lighting door locks, rooms, car interiors and map reading
bulletOutdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting
bulletEmergency lighting for home and office
bulletChart reading for astronomers and pilots
bulletLighting for drivers

These lights are so bright that they are painful to look at directly!  Great for yourself or gifts.




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Last modified: June 18, 2015