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10 Million Candles

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The most powerful portable lantern light you can buy with the longest continuous lighting time!

BAL1 -  (Big Ass Light Model 1)


bullet10 Million Candle Power
bulletHigh efficiency HID (High Intensity Discharge) Bulb
bulletWide angle bulb reflector with computer designed horizontal dispersion means more light on the sides.
bullet28 Amp-Hour Rechargeable Gel Cell
bullet8 Hour Continuous Run-Time
bullet32 Pounds
bulletSteel Case
bulletTop Carry Handle
bullet30 Amp Cigarette Lighter Side Port for Charging or Use as a Power Source.  Attached rubber protective cap protects port when not in use.
bulletBattery Test Switch & Lighted Voltage Gauge
bulletDie-Cast Light Housing with Stainless Steel Bracket.
bulletHeavy Duty Crimped, Soldered and Shrink-wrapped wiring
bulletInternal 30 Amp Circuit Breaker automatically resetting
bullet2,500 Hour Bulb
bulletLight does not dim as battery gets weaker. Light stays at full power and shuts off when battery drops to 8.5 VDC


Color Temperature 4,200 degrees Kelvin
Average Luminance (cd/cm^2) 6,500
Luminous Flux after 60 seconds 3,200lm +/-450lm
Run Time 8 Hour Continuous
Typical Illumination Range 150 meters
Beam Spread +/- 20 degrees

The BAL1 is a big, heavy, extremely powerful light which will light up a very large area for many hours.  There is no other light quite like this.


bulletFire, Search and Rescue Operations where remote high intensity lights are needed.  Ability of light to maintain continuous run-time for many hours.
bulletPolice.  Have you ever wanted to light up an entire area at night rather than using your normal flashlight?  End of story.
bulletIndustrial.  Light up hard to see areas.  Light up large areas rather than a small spot.
bulletPower-Outage Light Source.  Capable of lighting up an auditorium.  Using angled light head, point light head toward ceiling and bounce light back.
bullet12 Volt DC Power Source. Cigarette Power Port of side of unit can be used for charging or as a power source.  Capable of sourcing up to 30 Amps @ 12 VDC (360 Watts).  Internally protected with automatic resetting 30 Amp circuit breaker.
bulletFilm and Video.  Portable, self-contained, high power, long-lasting light source.
bulletCamping.  Well, maybe not.  You camping neighbors won't appreciate being lit up like a search and rescue helicopter turned night into day.
bulletHunting.  Ever need to track game at night?.  This light doesn't just illuminate the spot where you are shinning your light.  It lights up huge areas like entire fields.

Front Head Rotates 90 degrees 


Top Controls


Battery Test Switch  Note lighted voltage gauge.


Battery Charge and Power Port



Lighting up a large 500 foot corridor.





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Last modified: June 18, 2015