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XNiteCanonG7XAR: Canon PowerShot G7X 52mm Adapter Ring

Canon G7X and G7X MK II adapter ring that lets you mount 52mm filters on your camera.

Note that this adapter ring stays attached to you camera with a ring that adds 3mm to the nose of the camera.  While you can remove it, it is recommended that you leave it attached.

  • Add any standard 52mm filter to your Canon G7 X with no vignetting through out the entire focal range.
  • The Lensmate Canon G7 X Quick Change Filter Adapter Kit 52mm includes Part 1 the tiny receiver, Part 2 the actual 52mm filter adapter, safe removal tool, 52mm clip in style lens cap, and a handled lid container for the filter/filter holder/lens cap assembly for convenient storage. Camera and filter not included.
  • Only the tiny receiver stays on the camera (it adds only 3mm to the depth of the camera). The filter/filter holder assembly bayonets onto the receiver for quick changes without having to thread the filter on and off.
  • The tiny receiver attaches to end of the cameras zoom lens using a custom 3M dual-sided adhesive film which holds tenaciously yet is easy to remove cleanly and safely when desired. The quick change kit packaging includes a URL to the Install Movie and removal instructions.
  • You may use 2 filters at a time, with no vignetting at any focal length.