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IR Light-Sticks

This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Genuine MaxMax Milspec Infrared Lightsticks


XNiteIRLightStick1: 1 Inch 3 Hour Chemiluminescent Infrared Light Stick.  NSN-6260-01-247-0364.

XNiteIRLightStick6: 6 Inch 8 Hour Chemiluminescent Infrared Light Stick.  NSN-6260-01-396-1704

XNiteIRLightStick15:15 Inch 3 Hour Chemiluminescent Infrared Light Stick.  NSN-6260-01-247-0366


6 Inch Size


bulletHighest Brightness for 6 Inch Lightsticks
bulletLongest Lasting
bulletIntegrated Hanging Clip
bulletIntegrated Hanging Hole



1.5 Inch Size


bulletHighest Brightness for 1.2 Inch Lightsticks
bulletLongest Lasting



MaxMax Ultra Energy cold chemical infrared (IR) lightsticks or glowsticks are the highest quality, longest lasting lightsticks you can buy.  Some restrictions apply on who is allowed to order.  MaxMax lightsticks are the lowest priced infrared lightsticks you can buy making them an unbeatable value!   Infrared lightsticks are also known as IR lightstick, infrared glowsticks and IR glowsticks.



Cold, chemically powered IR light-sticks are activated by bending the light stick tube which mixes to chemicals together.  The IR light sticks emit only infrared light and are completely invisible to the human eye.  You must have Night Vision equipment!


Integrated Hanging Hook on the 6 Inch Lightsticks.







bulletWavelength Peak - 767nm
bullet50% Wavelength:- 745nm to 795nm
bullet5% Wavelength - 700nm to 880nm 
bulletSizes Available - 1.5 inch, 6 inch and 18 inch

1.5 Inch Mini IR Light-Stick, 3 Hours






15 Inch Light-Stick, 3 Hours



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