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Inks & Powders

This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Unusual and Useful Specialty Inks, Powders and Pens

bulletInvisible Ultraviolet Ink and Pens:  Invisible under normal light.  Becomes visible (fluoresces) under Ultraviolet (UV) or Black Light.
bulletInvisible Ultraviolet Ink and Pens: Invisible under normal light. Does not fluoresce.  Can be seen as a dark mark with our special UV camera and UV filters.  UVunVis System.   
bulletHighly Fluorescent Colored Ink: Partially visible under normal light.  Highly visible (fluoresces) under Ultraviolet (UV) or Black Light.
bulletUltraviolet Invisible Powders:  These superfine powders can be used as a pigment in paints, dusted on surfaces or mixed in solution.  Powder becomes invisible once mixed.  Shortwave and Longwave. 
bulletInvisible Infrared Ink and Pens: Up-Conversion and Down-Conversion IR ink, powder and pens.   Invisible under normal light.  Very high security.
bulletMaxLume Powder:  Highly phosphorescent powder more than 10x afterglow brightness and afterglow extinction than conventional Zinc Sulfide phosphors.
bulletAnti-Theft Powder:  Dark green powder that turns violent purple on contact with any liquid.  Very difficult to remove stain.  Great theft detection powder.
bulletSecurity Inks:  Contact us for particular requirements (E.G. Keurig 2.0 infrared security ink)
bulletChild Safe Ink and Pens:  Made entirely from FDA approved ingredients.  Non-Toxic.
bulletIndelible Ink and Pens:  Cannot be washed out.
bulletWash-Out Ink and Pens:  Can be washed out.  Semi-Permanent.
bulletPlastic Ink and Pens:  Marks on plastic, polyethylene, vinyl, paper, wood and most materials.  Suitable for marking CD's, DVD's, Film and more.



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