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Invisible Inks

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Invisible Inks Other UV Inks

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UVUnVis Ink
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We have three types of invisible ink

bulletBluish/White under UV - Isopropyl Alcohol Based
bulletYellow under longwave UV - MEK Based  *Requires 375nm or lower UV light.  Lower works better.
bulletRed under UV - Acetone Based  *Requires 385nm or lower UV light.  Lower works better.
bulletUVunVisl - Only visible with a special UV camera and UV filter.  Cannot be seen with a UV light, the human eye or infrared sources.
bulletIR Invisible Ink - Alcohol Infrared Ink - Fluoresces in the Infrared Range

The Isopropyl Alcohol based inks are well suited for:

bulletHand Stamping for Access Control
bulletWriting on paper, cardboard, wood
bulletPorous Surfaces

The Acetone based inks are well suited for:

bulletPermanent marking on plastics
bulletWriting on painted surfaces
bulletNon-Porous, slick surfaces



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Last modified: June 16, 2015