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Detection Cards

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Phosphor Detection Cards

bulletInfrared To Visible
bulletVisible To Infrared
bulletLongwave UV to Visible
bulletShortwave UV to Visible

These heavy duty clear detection cards are great for detecting a wide variety of light sources, aligning laser systems and testing equipment.  The phosphors used are incapsulated inside a 35 millimeter thick card protecting the phosphors from getting damaged from wear.  The cards are quite durable unlike the common paper cards.  Our unique transparent card with a translucent phosphor target, allows you to see behind the card when working with difficult tasks such as aligning a laser device.  

bulletLaminated Clear
bulletHeat and Sunlight Stable Phosphor
bulletTarget and Alignment Grid
bulletTranslucent Phosphor
bulletHeavy Duty Card Protection



Item Excitation Emission Notes
DC-IRUCG 948nm - 983nm, 1500nm 552nm Up-Conversion
DC-IRSPG 700nm - 1500nm 490nm Must be charged
DC-IRDC2 450nm & 630nm 880nm &1055nm Visible to IR
DC-UVLWG 340nm - 390nm 515nm Longwave UV
DC-UVSWG 250nm - 270nm 525nm Shortwave UV


bulletTest and align lasers to optical center
bulletView invisible infrared and ultraviolet light
bulletEducational demonstrations of shortwave UV, Longwave UV, Visible and Infrared light
bulletTest remote controls and infrared emitting devices
bulletTest infrared illuminators, ultraviolet lasers and beams

Please note that the DC-IRSPG Infrared to Visible detection card uses a storage type phosphor.  The phosphor must be charged with light before use.  Any light can be used though a fluorescent or UV light will work best.  The DC-IRSPG can detect lower power IR sources, but the phosphor loses its charge quickly when illuminated with IR.  Therefore, you should move the card around when detecting the IR source so that the IR beam hits freshly, charged phosphor. The DC-IRSPG can detect a much wider range of infrared beams, 700nm to 1500nm, than the DC-IRUCG, but the DC-IRSPG must be charged before use and once the phosphor is hit with an IR beam, it glows green for a few seconds before losing its charge.

The DC-IRUCG uses a non-decaying, up-conversion phosphor that does not need to be charged.  However, the DC-IRUCG will work best for higher power IR sources.  Most remote controls can be detected with the DC-IRUCG because the LED's are typically 940nm and they are pulsed at high levels.


Example showing DC-IRUCG Infrared to Visible detection card.  The green mark on the paper is the infrared laser beam from the test device.

   Quantity DC-IRUCG: Infrared Up-Conversion Detector Card. 948nm-983nm to 552nm $25.00
   Quantity DC-IRSPG: Infrared Up-Conversion Storage Detector Card. 700nm-1500nm to 490nm $25.00
   Quantity DC-IRDC2: Infrared Down-Conversion Storage Detector Card. 450nm&630nm to 880nm & 1055nm $25.00
   Quantity DC-UVLWG: Longwave UV to Visible Detector Card. 340nm-390nm to 515nm $25.00
   Quantity DC-UVSWG: Shortwave UV to Visible Detector Card. 250nm-270nm to 525nm $45.00








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